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ACCT 304 DeVry Week 7 DQ 1 LCM

The lower-of-cost-or-market (LCM) approach was developed to avoid reporting inventory at an amount greater than the benefits it can provide. The LCM approach records losses in the period the value of the inventory drops below its cost instead of later in the period that the goods are ultimately sold. Is this a conservative or an aggressive approach? What does GAAP say about LCM?

ACCT 304 DeVry Week 7 DQ 2 Inventory Errors

It is discovered in 2013 that ending inventory from 2011 is understated. What accounts will be affected by this understatement, and how will they be affected? This is a situation that really happens. Start with the 2011 inventory being understated, and track the changes through the inventory account to 2013.

ACCT 304 DeVry Week 7 Quiz

(TCO 8) Masterlink Co., in applying the lower of cost or market method, reports its inventory at net realizable value. Which of the following statements is ?

Option a

Option b

Option c

Option d

Question 2. Question : (TCO 8) Data related to the inventories of Costco Medical Supply is presented below:

In applying the LCM rule, the inventory of surgical supplies would be valued at




$69. ( )

Question 3. Question : (TCO 8) So. California Inc., through no fault of its own, lost an entire plant due to an earthquake on click here May 1, 2011. In preparing its insurance claim on the inventory loss, it developed the following data: inventory January ACCT304 1, 2011, $300,000; sales and purchases from January 1, 2011 to May 1, click here 2011, $1,300,000 and $875,000, respectively. So. California Inc. consistently reports a 40% gross profit. The estimated inventory on May 1, 2011 is





Question 5. Question : (TCO 8) Retrospective treatment of prior years’ financial statements is not required when there is a change from

average cost to FIFO.


LIFO to average cost.

All of the above

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